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Looking to outsource sales and telemarketing services to free up your time and your budget? You’re in the right place! At StaffHub, we will work with you to assess your product and establish its position in the market.

Our team will take care of tasks such as cold calling, product promotion services, lead generation and many more. Outsourcing telemarketing services allows for a wider, global reach of your target market using highly skilled and trained professionals who will market your product or service in an inventive, dynamic way.

There are many advantages of outsourcing telesales such as high language proficiency of staff, in depth analytics performed to better market a product, and of course the most attractive advantage; much lower costs.

We aim to convert each call into a lead and to actively promote your product to the right target market.

Cold calling can be a grueling task for any business however it is one of the easiest ways to get word out about your business. Outsource the cold calling function and find that it relieves you of stress and allows you to focus your time and energy on other facets of your business.

B2B cold calling – It can be difficult to get in touch with decision makers of a business to try and persuade them to use your products or services. Why not outsource this task to trained professionals dedicated to generating leads? Your team will aim to maximize leads by following a structured script designed to interest clients. We will also set appointments enabling you to close deals in the desired time. Reports will be periodically sent to assess progress and analyze strategies.

B2C cold calling -  Cold calling potential customers has a high probability of transference. It is imperative to grab their attention with a high quality script and confident sales pitch. Our skilled telemarketing executives have the experience to foster customer engagement resulting in positive lead generation. All our call center agents are trained extensively from telephone etiquette to accent training and can boost your sales campaign considerably

Software we use: HubSpot, SalesForce, Zendesk, Avaya and others.

Lead generation involves cultivating successful relationships with qualified leads and carefully ensuring that they evolve into a relationship that profits both parties. Our experts at StaffHub can provide you with customized solutions to grow leads and convert them to sales. Outsourcing lead generation allows you to transfer the responsibility while reaping the benefits and focusing on core business activities. The services we provide include, but are not limited to:

- B2B Lead Generation Services

- B2C Lead Generation Services

- Appointment Setting Services

- Telemarketing Sales Leads

- Enquiry Handling Services

- Lead Generation for Startups

- Real Estate Lead General Services

- Lead Generation for Logistics and Transportation Industry

And many more

Many times it can prove difficult to get hold of a prospective client and many hours could go to waste in trying to set up a meeting or appointment. Sales executives are in need of schedules that efficiently manage their time in order to maintain maximum productivity. Our trained executives are skilled at ensuring that sales leads are ready prior to the appointment and will give you real time updates once confirmations are made. Outsource appointment setting services to StaffHub and get one step ahead of future prospects.

Services include but are not limited to:

- B2B appointment setting

- B2C appointment setting

- Healthcare leads

- Event registrations

- Technology sales

You can have an amazing product but still not meet sales expectations simply because you’re targeting the wrong audience. In this global market where competition increases every day, it is crucial to get the right message to the right customer. We streamline this process and save you time and money by carefully curating an error-free database with detailed information of your target audience. Our database selling services are cost-effective and efficient at reaping good returns.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

- Email Appending Services

- Data Appending Services

- Custom List Building

- Data Validation Services

- Email Database Management

Measuring the response of your customers to a product or service is an important process and the most effective tool for this is the customer satisfaction survey. It can be time consuming, tedious and take away from the core focus of your business. Over at StaffHub, we build specialized customer surveys aimed at giving you valuable insight into your business and strategies that can help it grow. We’ll help you answer questions like, “Are my customers facing issues with the product/service?”, “What are the steps I can take to improve customer satisfaction?”, “Are there new opportunities for my business to grow?” and many more.

Our process, though custom designed for your business in particular, follows a structured guideline with steps such as:

- Survey set up

- Survey design

- Information collection

- Survey scanning and data entry

- Survey analysis and reporting

Upselling and cross-selling your products/services to existing customers is important as it fosters better customer relationships that ultimately profit your business. Boost your sales by outsourcing this service to experienced professionals trained in selling products/services to existing customers. More often than not, an already existing customer is more likely to purchase additional products/services. We provide:

- B2B and B2C Upselling services

- B2B and B2C Cross-selling services

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