Market and Social Research

No matter which sector of the business world a company falls under, there is always a great need for market research as it determines a company’s position in the market, its strengths and potential threats.

By outsourcing your market research services to India, you are obtaining valuable, highly skilled professionals trained specifically in market research activities.

Our qualified researchers would help you better understand your business environment thereby structuring brand position and contemplating courses of action that could potentially benefit your business.

Why choose India for your market research needs? Simply because of the high quality of researchers, the utmost regard for privacy and security, tailor made solutions to fit your business perfectly and all at highly competitive pricing models.

Obtain high quality market research data by outsourcing your Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) and Computer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI) services to StaffHub. Our expert professionals, using advanced technology, will create structured interviews that yield quality data. Our error-free results provide you with the necessary insight for your business to grow in a competitive market.

We offer the following services:

- Questionnaire Design

- Design Functions

- Training and Monitoring

- Enterprise Reporting System

Data in today’s world is the greatest currency. With advancements in technology over the last decades, companies have increased their online interactions, bringing in a wealth of data from their customers. When you outsource your data analytics services to StaffHub, you will enlist the skills of trained professionals adept at discovering patterns that help  you make pre-calculated business decisions. We offer comprehensive data analytics services at low costs to help you derive significant insights into your business.

Data analytics provided for specialized industries such as:

- Finance and Banking

- Retail

- Telecom

- Insurance

We at StaffHub offer comprehensive online market research services, designed to provide accurate information at competitive prices. Have access to error-free qualitative and quantitative information that allows you formulate strategic business decisions. Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

- Primary Data Collection

- Questionnaire Design

- Database Maintenance

- Desk Research

- Market segmentation, sizing and profiling

- Customer satisfaction surveys

Data mining involves the analysis of data from a large collection of sources and churning it into informed business decisions. We at StaffHub understand the need for trained resources to extract information that proves useful to a business. Our data mining services aim to accurately interpret data, improve processes, and increase customer satisfaction. We provide cost-effective data mining solutions to a wide array of industries and businesses.

The services we offer include, but are not limited to:

- Social Media Data Mining

- Data Mining from Websites

- Data Mining for Marketing

- Data Extraction

- Data Interpretation

It’s vital to gather insights on your competitors’ products/services, marketing strategies, strengths and weaknesses. To do so requires a certain skill set and could be time-consuming for you, so why not outsource this function to a team specialized in delivering high-quality results that will benefit your business? StaffHub offers in-depth competitor analysis services based on qualitative and quantitative research that are accurate and reliable, equipping you with the right tools to get the edge on your competition. Competitor Analysis services we offer include:

- SWOT Analysis

- Competitor Profiling

- Competitor Intelligence

- PESTEL Analysis

- Market Positioning

- Competitive Advantage

- Competitor Benchmarking

What if we told you there was a way to have all your administrative tasks taken care of and not have to worry about spending on office space, a good Internet connection and other operational costs? Hire your own virtual assistant from StaffHub and delegate your daily tasks so you can focus on your core tasks to increase overall productivity. Your virtual assistant will work remotely and be available to handle your requirements. Our virtual assistants are trained professionals dedicated to helping you work efficiently and effectively. Services provided include, but are not limited to:

- Call answering services

- Follow up calls to business associates, clients and stakeholders

- Appointment scheduling

- Travel reservations

- Data entry services

- Correspondence management

- Event Planning

- Internet research

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  • Expert Professionals

    Our executives are highly experienced, fully trained and possess the skills and technical knowledge to handle various business processes.

  • 24/7 Support

    We provide you with round the clock support and work tirelessly to achieve top quality results.

  • Advanced Technology

    StaffHub has access to the latest technology and we ensure nothing but the best for our clients.

  • Progress Updates

    Continually receive updates and reports so you can monitor progress in real time.

  • Top-notch Security

    We at StaffHub are committed to safeguarding your data and privacy and ensure that all measures are taken to protect your information.

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